Neal Rosen

Content Getter write-up:


The communication methods used in development of this project were face-to-face, e-mail, instant messanging, and over the telephone.  We used instant messanger and the telephone mainly for small details such as Mozilla related questions or other dumb questions.  E-mails and in-person meetings were used mainly for status updates and assigning the next steps to the individual group members.  These methods worked well for our three person group, however would most likely not scale well to larger groups.  That would likely require e-mail lists.


We used CVS to maintain our code and ensure that each person was working with eachothers latest versions of their part of the project.  It seems this may have been overkill for our small group, but would be very necessary for a larger group. 


Each member of our group had a part of the project that was somewhat separate from the other parts.  For this reason, any bugs that were found could be directed to the person who wrote that part of the project.  And since our group was as small as it was, it was easy enough to just mention the bug to the appropriate group member.  This made it unnecessary for us to utilize bugzilla.  Again, bugzilla would make development much easier on a larger scale.


The contentgetter project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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