Before using the ContentGetter component, a folder must be selected in which to store the downloaded files.  The folder can be selected in the Mozilla preference panel.  The ContentGetter panel provides a place to enter the folder as well as 5 selectable preferences.  These preferences include:


·      Downloading linked HTML files

·      Downloading linked images

·      Downloading images shown on the front page

·      Downloading the current tab or all tabs in the current browser window

·      Extra credit (modifying the links in the downloaded HTML files to link to the saved local files


Once these preferences are set, you may browse to a webpage you wish to download and run the ContentGetter component.  To run the component, select ‘ContentGetter’ from the Tools menu then click ‘Run ContentGetter’.  A dialog box will show you the location of the saved files (set in the preferences panel).  You can then go to that folder and view the downloaded webpage while offline.

The contentgetter project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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